OSET Cup Rules

KYTC's OSET Cup events will be run under ACU regulations TSR22 - Stop Permitted, a highlight of these controls can be found below.

• To qualify for awards and Championship point the rider must be a member of KYTC.
• Sections must be ridden in order unless instructed by an official to do otherwise.
• Each rider must provide an observer for at least one round in order to qualify for the championship.
• Orange riders will be allowed to move backwards.
• Once you have finished the trial you must stop riding and park your bike until an all clear is given to indicate that everyone has finished. If you then chose to allow your child to continue riding they must be supervised and do so at their own risk.

TSR22 - Stop Permitted Rules

0 - Clean
1 - Footing once
2 - Footing twice
3 - Footing more than twice
5 - Failure
5 - When requested by a rider rather than attempt the section
5 - Entering a section before being called upon to do so by an official
10 - Not attempting a section when called upon to do so by an Official
10 - For missing a section or failing to have punch card marked.

Clean: A rider traversing a Section as defined above without penalty as described under FOOTING or
FAILURE shall be unpenalised and given a “CLEAN”.

Footing: Footing will be considered to have occurred if any part of the rider’s body or any part of the machine, (with the exception of the tyres or the sump shield) touches the ground or the rider benefit from any part of their body, or any part of the machine, (with the exception of the tyres or the sump shield) leaning on an obstacle (tree, wall etc.)
Footing outside the lateral limits of a Section does not constitute a failure but should simply be classed as footing.

Failure: A failure is considered to have occurred if:
a) The machine moves backwards.
b) The rider does not have both hands on the handlebar WHEN HE FOOTS WHILST STATIONARY.
d) The rider dismounts from the machine. Dismount will be deemed to have occurred when both of the rider’s feet are on the ground at the same side of, or behind the machine.
e) A rider is requested to leave the section by the observer for “unnecessary delay”.
f) A machine does not stay within the intended limits of the section and within each marker.
g) If any wheel of the machine crosses any boundary tape or marker whether the wheel be on the ground or airborne before the front wheel spindle passes the “Section ends” sign.
h) The rider is held responsible for displacing a marker or support in an observed section whereby the observer considers it necessary to reinstate the flag/marker prior to the passage of the next rider. The displacing of any marking not relating to the competitor’s route will be considered to constitute a failure.
i) Travelling in a forward direction against the direction of the Section.
j) The machine or rider receives outside assistance.
k) A rider or person having an interest in a rider’s performance, who in any way alters the severity of a section without the authority of an official.

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